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Kids Programs

Joe and Gwen are committed to sharing their knowledge of astronomy with young people. They frequent schools, public events, fairs, farmer's markets, and science fairs, providing a unique perspective about the solar system. They also host field trips and hands-on classes at the observatory.

Falcon Astronomy Club

Join us in the Montana Room at Twin Bridges High School to learn about telescopes, constellations, planets, and more! Click here to view the meeting schedule.
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Joe Witherspoon kids program.jpg

Joe demonstrates science lessons for kids using simple tools. Here he uses cash register tape to demonstrate how far the sun is from other planets.

To explain how rockets work, they build stomp rockets with the kids, which can fly through the air up to half a block or more. To build your own stomp rocket, you can find Joe's instructions here. He sells ready-made kits at most events for $7.00. Look for Joe at local farmer's markets and other community events.

TB Flotilla 2013-4.JPG
TB Flotilla 2013-5.JPG

Joe's friend, Jerry Armstrong, shows a young girl  at the Twin Bridges Flotilla how stomp rockets work.

Students doing Solar_CTO.jpg

Students arrive at the Observatory for a lesson about the sun.

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